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New York, Thiebaud, 80s - We ♥ You!

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Last week was our first 80s-inspired paint night at Tea Plus Cafe in good ol' Queens, New York! We learned about California-based painter (and one of the greatest living painters!), Wayne Thiebaud, and his signature impasto (thickly applied) paintings of cakes, pies, ice cream, pastries, gumball machines, and more. Thiebaud loves to experiment with color, composition, light, shadow, etc. - he explores the formal qualities of paint and is especially fascinated with the creation of light "by the interaction of colors, value, hue and intensity." Similarly, our paint night artists channeled their inner Thiebaud by playing with light, color, and the impasto technique. It was a challenging, messy, yet rewarding process!

We are currently planning more paint nights in New York that are loosely-themed and crazy fun! See you all soon!


  • He does not identify with the Pop Art movement and does "not want to be lumped with [Andy] Warhol." In fact, he "has no interest [in Pop Art] at all" because he thinks "commercial artists were [and are] much better than [Warhol] was." 
  • He draws/paints nearly every day and plays tennis about three times a week.:)
  • He loves cartoons and was a professional cartoonist at Walt Disney Studios.